• Approximately 2400 employees work in the Hunts Point Coop Market.
  • The market was originally built in 1972 as a 40 acre facility with 6 buildings but now is over 60 acres with 7 buildings.
  • The Coop consists of 52 companies that process and distribute meat and meat products in just under one million square feet.
  • All major equipment is operated and maintained by NYC licensed engineers on premises 24 hours, 365 days per year.

    Bruce Reingold
    General Manager
    Tel: 718.842.7466
    Fax: 718.589.5018

Did you know?

Hunts Point Cooperative Market
has 1,000,000 square
feet of refrigerated space.

Hunts Point Meat Market

Aerial Photo

The Hunts Point Cooperative Market Inc. is a cooperative owned by its member stockholders.  The company operates and maintains a facility under a long-term lease with the City of New York in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx for its member shareholders and other tenants, all of which are primarily involved in the process and distribution of meat and meat products in the tri-state area.  The facility is the largest of its kind in the world and is the major distribution hub for the New York City metro area.  All of the meat plants are USDA inspected facilities.  Customers of the market consist of all of the large chain store supermarkets, most of the tri-state areas top restaurants, hotels, and country clubs, as well as large and mom and pop butcher shops up and down the east coast.